Exciting news!

Exciting news!

ANE just switched over to a New Main Store build and New Vendor System!

Store Changes:

1. All vendors have been converted to a brand new scripted system that will allow Redelivery from the Terminals.

2. ANE VIP Group. For the first 2 weeks, the VIP group cost will be set at 1L After that it will be switched to 300L There is also a 20% credit bonus on fatpacks for members of the ANE VIP group. And on regular single items you can get from 5-7% credit bonus. Group tag needs to be active.

3. Gift Cards available now! Gift Card terminal gives you option to top up card with store credit, you can transfer it to a friend to Redeem them in the Mainstore.

4. You can now buy products as a gift! Right-Click the product and pick the gift option. Its that easy. Just type in your friend’s name.

p.s. Outlet – old items will not be added to the new system.

TAXI to Mainstore


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